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Healthcare Management

The Healthcare industry is vibrant and evolving with new advances in technology. This makes it very crucial to stay updated on Protocols and Innovations, thereby keeping sure every area of a Healthcare facility is well managed. SEHAT Health provides comprehensive solutions by:
• Planning, Directing and Managing all non-clinical activities within the Healthcare Facility.
• Managing budgets and financials of the overall Healthcare Facility.
• Creation of work schedules for all Medical & Non-Medical personnel, as well as the Human Capital management.
• Oversee individual departments to ensure smooth and effective functioning.
• Carry out Quality Assurance and Risk Assessment work, maintaining patient satisfaction and wellbeing.
• Supervision of all Healthcare Professionals – Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics, Caregivers, and Support Staff.
We at SEHAT Health lead and guide Healthcare Providers to achieve the organization’s overall goals.


Healthcare Branding

SEHAT Health provides customized solutions in Healthcare Marketing & Business Development based on the client requisites and as per the prevailing market scenario.
• Market Feasibility & Conceptualization
• Branding
• Digital Marketing ( Website Design | Development & Maintenance | Medical Content Writing | SEO | SEM | SMM )
• PR Analytics
• MoHAP Advertising Approvals
• Referral Marketing
• Physician Networking
• PR & Communications
• CSR & Wellness Campaigns
• Marketing Audit & ROI Metrics


Healthcare Insurance RCM

SEHAT Health provides customized solutions in Healthcare Marketing & Business Development:

Medical Coding: Our certified coders ensure daily compliance and validate physician coding for accurate claims.
Clinical Documentation Improvements: Enhancing claim value by ensuring the right match of diagnosis to the provided service.
Claims Submission: Our centralized team manages remote submissions, ensuring timely processing and resolution of errors.
Payment Follow-up: We assess outstanding payments, following a fixed cycle to ensure timely collections from relevant insurance teams.
Monthly Reconciliation & Sign Offs: Our reconciliation executives ensure accurate financial tracking, encouraging regular sign-offs for focused recovery.
Denial Management & Recovery: Identifying and appealing immediate denials within regulatory frameworks for maximized recoveries.

Why Choose SEHAT?

SEHAT Health has a true enthusiasm for healthcare and provides complete solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. With proven expertise since 2015, our devoted staff provides honest and confidential service in everything from healthcare management to marketing, insurance solutions, project management, and more. 

Join us in crafting a patient-centered future by selecting SEHAT Health for healthcare excellence. Are you ready to step up your healthcare journey? Contact us Today!

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